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Name: Michael Rajotte
Height: 5'10 / Weight: 185 pounds (84kg)
Birthplace: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

I've been riding on 2 wheels since I was in my teens. It was at this time I went ahead and started my path towards racing. I floundered around for a bit not really knowing what I was doing both on and off the track. During this same time I would meet the Bowman family. Success didn't start to happen until the 2005 season when John Bowman started tuning my Honda 125gp bike and teaching me alot about racing in general. After going through alot of ups and downs, I finally strung together a bunch of wins and brought home my first title that year with John helping me out. Since then I started expanding out and racing throughout the USA.

2007 raced USGPRU east coast region on a honda rs250. Traveled with Bruce Lind Racing, had a terrible season on track with the bike but I had a blast traveling with these guys around the country, meeting lots of cool people, getting to race on cool tracks, it was a great learning experience and i'll never forget it. 2008 raced USGPRU west coast region with my friend Dylan Olsen from Portland. I had lots of fun and put up a few good results.

Recent Highlights



  • 1 Podium (250gp)
    • 3rd, Firebird International Raceway


CCS (Championship Cup Series)

  • 2 Podiums (Lightweight Grand Prix)
    • 1st - Lightweight Grand Prix
    • 3rd - Lightweight Grand Prix


WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association)

  • 8 Race Wins (3- 125gp, 5- open singles)
  • 13 Podiums (5- 125gp, 6- open singles, 2- 250gp)
  • #5 plate holder (689 points, 5th overall)
    • 1st overall Open Singles Championship
    • 2nd overall 125GP Championship
    • 3rd overall 250GP Championship



  • Round #3 Portland International Raceway
    • 7th Place


WMRC (Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club)

  • Round #1 Open Singles (1st place)