Mike D and I flew out of Seattle mid day on Friday to Baltimore. He was on United and I was on NWA.
We met up at BWI airport at 11 pm. Took us over an hour to collect the rental car. Then the two hour drive to Winchester, VA.
The computer directions to the hotel were wrong, and we wound up on a dirt road in the middle of no where. We kept seeing deer on the side of the road and hearing the music from Deliverance in the back of our minds. We finally made into the hotel a little past 3 am.
The alarm was way to early.
After the short night, I was rummy all Saturday. But got in four sessions by the end of the day. Hot and muggy as expected. The lay out of Summit is pretty easy. But it is not so easy to go fast there. Concrete patches in several of the important turns, and armco in all the wrong places. Danielson again was having problems with his gearbox. This time, he could not get it to pick up 1st gear. He would spend ALL of Saturday and Sunday trying to solve the problem. We finally took the entire cassette out of the 05 on Monday morning so he could get some track time. At this time, we do not know and have not been able to figure out what is causing his problem.
We finished the day having Tepenyaki. Not very good.

USGPRU Qual and
CCS 125 GP
Riding around having a good time getting cut off by slower 600's. Toward the end, coming into sweeping right hand t-7, there is a waving yellow and #94 off on the outside.
Bill Himmelsbach has highsided. Is not moving! The red flag is thrown. Everything is shut down for a couple of hours. Bill gets a ride in the chopper to the hospital.
We later learn that he was up and moving his toes and talking before he left. He would be walking in the paddock on Monday.
I rode the 125 in the CCS 125GP event and had a great time until the temp gauge started showing 98C. Continued to ride as it got slower.
Finished in 13th I think. Didn't really care as I was just practicing anyway.

About 4 pm we get a warning over the PA that bad weather is about 20 minutes away and we should batton down the hatches.
I try to get everyone moving right away. They are a little slow on the uptake until I get loud about it. We get almost all of the equipment and most of the bikes in the trailer before the mini tornado and rain storm hits. At one point the awning starts to fly with all six of us attached. I think it got about 8 feet in the air before coming back down.
We had a river running thru our pits for a long time.
When it stopped, we dropped the awning, disconnected most of the tarp and went to get tepenyaki again.
Sean Wray spent all night on the throne. He will be late out to the track.

Practice, Lightweight GP, USGPRU 125 GP, 250GP

We finally get Danielson's bike to have a working transmission. He gets in the last two laps of the Am practice session.

Lightweight race, about mid race, Danielson get pushed off to the outside in the beginning of T-6 and goes down on the slowest corner of the track.
Manfrin is not as lucky. He has his throttle stick in high speed left hand t-3. Runs off the outside and goes down. Digs his head into the dirt.
He is transported in a neck brace. We pick him up after everything is over. Just battered and bruised. His bike has been a plow.
I cross the line in 9th place behind Mark Stiles.

Again I decide not to ride the 125GP main and load Kory's bike, the 05 TZ250, my TZ125 and all the gear I can into the van.
Nobi and PJ have a great battle at the front. PJ wins it on the last lap getting by lapped traffic.
Orien is 6th.

Comes time for the 250 gp and everyone is ready to go except Manfrin.
4 laps in and there is a red flag. Two guys down in T-1.
7 lap restart. Wray is racing for 3rd, but gets beat by the "Celtic big man" on the last lap.
Pat gets past Bergy and a couple of others quicker than I do and is 10th. I come across 12th.
Danielson finishes in 18th.
Rajotte runs out of fuel. Manfrin and Orien both did that at some point in the weekend as well.
We load up and go pick up Manfrin.
We want to go to the Italian place, but it is closed. Settle for the Appleby's.
Then we all go our separate ways.
Manfrin and Wray to New Hampshire.
Danielson and myself to Baltimore.
The other three to Dulles.
Mike D and I made the wrong turn on I-81 out of Winchester.
By the time we figured it out, we just drove north to I-70 and back to Baltimore.
Then we could not find the hotel. Dumb map software.
We checked into the hotel at 0110 Tuesday morning.
Had to be up at 0330 to make our flights.
But it was much better to get to shut my eyes for even that amount of time.
And get up to S, S, S, prior to flying most of the day.
Was at my desk at 1300 PDT and put in 4 hours.
Slept like a baby last night.
How long till we get to do it again?
Why do I have to waist my time at this job?
Oh yeah! That's how I pay for my racing!?!?!?!?!?!?
Loudon in 5 days!