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2006 OMRRA Race Reports:

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JULY 15-16 2006: OMRRA (Portland International Raceway)
ROUND #4 (Fried and Toasty Clutch)

Back to Portland. This time hot off the heals of a double win in Spokane the week before. Went down with my greasy chewed up baked tires from the previous weekend. I did a half day practice on saturday to figure out some new gearing combinations. Pull off some competitive laptimes which should put me up into the front chasing for 1st without really trying at all. I Ended the day pretty happy and felt I was ready for Sunday. Sunday was dreadful. First thing in the morning, a vintage bike oiled the entire track and thus qualifying was cancelled. This was tough as I needed the track time to figure out a few more thing and get to know this track better. So I was off thrown into the sharks in the race at the end of the day. Right off the start, I fried my clutch. Baked it real good. The bike would barely crawl off the line as I had the thing pinned. By the time I got going, the lead pack was already entering turn 2. So I was pretty much screwed. Under load on the engine, the clutch was slipping and rpm's shooting up and down. I kinda felt it going the day before but was hoping it would last the rest of the weekend. I eventually managed to finish the race, 5th out of 10th, but went home disapointed with my clutch woes. I'll be back here again sometime, I've never had any success at this track yet and even more determined to do far better than my last 2 attempts.


MAY 20-21 2006: USGPRU & OMRRA (Portland International Raceway)
125GP: DQ (out of 2nd)

So here we go, my first time at Portland and my first National race ever. I decided to do the omrra regional as well for extra track time to get my bike setup, gearing figured out and try and learn this track. I can't remember where I qualifed in the time qualifying at the end of the day on saturday, I think it was like 10th or 11th. Either way it was midpack. Sunday was the main heat race. Got off to a decent start but took awhile to get up to speed. Eventually caught up to omrra 125 champ Mike Mcdonaugh and local fast guy Charlie Johnson. Eventually got around Mike and duked it out with Charlie for the 7th place spot. Eventually I broke away from Charlie and ran away from the midpack and took home a solid 7th out of a big national grid. Not to shabby, but was hoping for 5th.

Next up was the omrra regional. Again same thing, but this time I was battling it out with Rob Tatom, Mike Mcdonaugh for podium spots. Some point in the race, officials claim I passed Rob under a waving yellow. So they Disqualified me. I dont remember this ever happening and called BS, but what can you do.