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2006 WMRC Race Reports:

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APRIL 17 2006: WMRC (Mission Raceway Park)

Before I get into my report, i'd first like to thank John Bowman, for all the tips and schooling me pretty good during practice on friday. Really got me up to speed to new levels in rain riding that I never thought of before which really gave me a good insight on what can be done.

Now onto the races. My original plan was to run Formula 3 and Open Singles. However, after the riders meeting in the morning, and figuring out there was absolutely nobody at all entered in Formula 3, I decided to just stick with Open Singles for the day and race against the Supermotard riders. The weather was on/off rain/hail/sun combination all day long. The track was never 100% dry with damp during the sunny portions with the odd dry line starting to form.

I spent sunday's practice trying out different gearing combinations and trying to solve my chassis/suspension balance issues. Finally found the problem after monday, but was too late to fix it that day. After a poor showing in the qualifying in the morning, it started to rain and ended up using Dan's bike for the race because it had rain's still mounted on it. For Open Singles, they grid us together with the Battle of the Twins & SV Cup class, so there is a mixture of bikes from full on liter twins to sv650s. After gridding up beside Troy Burstyk on his CRF450 somewhere behind the Battle of the Twins grid, I blew my start and had trouble getting the bike moving. By the time I get myself to Turn 1, the rest of the field is already entering the Turn 2 sweeper. So I had my work cut-out for me, especially in a dry/damp/wet track with the odd puddles here and there. I honestly can't remember how far back I was, I was just concentrating on attack each corner with what I learned on friday. I was soon past the slow Battle of the Twins traffic mid-way thru the first lap. Eventually I caught up to Darren James riding a big motard somewhere near Turn 3 if I remember. A little bit ahead of him was Troy Burstyk and Peter Reid duking it out between each other for the lead in Open Singles. Around this time I started to pick up my pace and it wasn't long until I was right behind them.

Both of them were taking inside protective lines, so the only way to get around was on the outside. What I found interesting is each time they are trying to power out of corners they are breaking there rear tire loose and sliding the rear end out, was quite interesting poking myself beside them trying to get around. At this point a dry line was starting to form in turn 2 and 5, but the backsection was still soaking wet. I pull up along side the outside of Troy on the exit of turn 7 and take the inside line in turn 8 and I fall back in directly behind Peter. I run a wider line through 9 to get on the outside of him and completed the pass. Then I started to pick up the pace even more for a bunch of laps. Eventually catching up to lap traffic and soon later, I see the top 3 leaders in the Battle of the Twins race. Even though i'm holding quite a decent lead in the Open Singles race, I decide to push on for a bit longer to see what happens. Eventually I get by the 3rd place rider of the Twins race, and I see Rob New battling with somebody else for the lead. At around this point i'm kinda worrying my rains are starting to overheat and they dont feel so good in certain sections, like turn 4, I would feel the rear start pushing out. I decided with just a few laps to go to back it down and cruise on to take the Open Singles victory since Battle of the Twins isn't my race and not worth tossing the bike for something i'm not getting scored in.