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2006 WMRRA Race Reports:

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OCTOBER 7-8 2006: WMRRA (Pacific Raceways)

Here it is, "The Last Hurrah". The final round, and this is going to be my last time in the 125cc class, next season moving up to the 250cc's. I'm going into this weekend with the Open Singles championship already clinched, 13points down on Dylan for the 125 title and a few points up on Dylan in the 250cc class for 3rd place. Also i'm 1 point ahead of Ross DeLong for the WMRRA #5 reserved number plate spot. The forecast calls for sunshine this weekend, but I came prepared for the worst. Luckly on saturday, the weather was pretty decent. Turned out real foggy in the morning which delayed the start of the day due to zero visibility. but the sunshine came out for the afternoon.

I came prepared this weekend and fiddled around with some transmission ratios. Went out in the 1st morning practice and turned in 2 laps, my bike was overheating, so I came back in and removed some tape from the radiator. Went back out and did 3 more laps and decided to come in. I quickly figured out I geared myself too short for 5th and 6th gear in my transmission. So I quickly teared down the bike and pulled out my transmission and replaced 5th and 6th gear with taller ratios. Had everything back together minutes before the 2nd practice session.

I quickly got up to pace in the 2nd practice. The bike was running the best it has all year. Huge wheelies out of the bus stop, surprising some of the spectators. I quickly came back in and refuled up, with 30mins to go for the Open Singles race. I was feeling pretty confident, I knew Jeff, Joan and Dylan were gonna be on there A game today, but I knew going in that this should be a cakewalk. Right off the start, Dylan got out in front, but I reeled him in in turn1 and took over the lead right away. That pretty much sums up the Open Singles race. I walked away from everybody without even trying. Was riding at perhaps 85%, had tons left to go if I needed to push it but nobody was in sight behind me, so I just kept my current pace and took the easy win and the solid 40 more points towards the top #5 overall spot. I would later find out, Jeff took 2nd, Joan 3rd and Dylan in 4th ahead of the rest of the field.

The weather on Sunday morning was pretty ugly. It was raining, wet and cold. I put my rain tires on and went out for some rain practice in the morning. The 250GP race was right before lunch, and it had stopped raining by then. But it was still overcast grey skies and the track was still damp/wet. With the start of the race drawing ever closer, I decided to stick with my rain tires, even though the track was starting to dry up. Dylan went out on his slicks, which was the wise choice. By the time we all head out to pre-grid, the track was pretty much dried, with a few wet sections in the turn 4/5 and 7 area. I cooked up my rain tires this race. Followed Dylan for a bit as he had a advantage with the slicks. Jeff was out on rains and was right behind me. Eventually Jeff fell off pace and disappeared. Eventually I take the 3rd spot over by passing Dylan into turn1. The 2 250gp's were just a bit ahead of me but I was not gonna catch em on my 125. I took home the solid 3rd place, which helped alot towards the overall points.

I had a few hours to relax until the 125gp race. I watched Ross DeLong in his afternoon races, he took 3rd in Formula Ultra and Open Superport. It was making the points race real tight for that #5 spot. I went into the 125 race thinking I can not DNF, but at the same time, i'm only 12 points behind Dylan for this class championship. So I did the only thing I could do, which was go out and win. I went out on slicks, and followed Dylan for most of the race, putting pressure on him to see if he makes a mistake.

He was playing it safe, as all he needed was 2nd place to clinch the class title. So I just decided to pass him and up the pace just a tad and see if he'll try and follow. Which he does, but he was still playing it safe and not doing anything dumb. So I just did what all I could do and took home the win in 125gp. Dylan ended up in 2nd, which put him 5points ahead of me for the season title in this class. Oh well, not much I could do, I knew that SV650 taking me out back in June was going to cost me this. I went out and did what could be done and win the rest of the season, but it still wasn't enough.

I ended up finishing the season with 1st overall in Open Singles, 2nd in 125gp and 3rd in 250gp. At the same time, I clinched the #5 top overall spot in the club and got myself the #5 plate for next season. Had my 15mins of fame standing next to Mike Sullivan and the 3 other top guys in the club during the awards ceremony at the end of the day when they announced the top 5 finishers. It was a pretty cool feeling.

Would just like to say a big thanks to Rob New for coming down this weekend and helping out in the pits. As well as all the people who have helped and supported me this year. My Mom and Dad, John Bowman at Carter Honda Coquitlam, Ben Suen at Racers Edge, Bridgestone tires & EBC Brakes and Dylan and his Dad for the times they bailed me out this year.


SEPTEMBER 3 2006: WMRRA (Spokane Raceway)

With 2 rounds left in the season and the points races really tight in 125gp and Open Singles. I decided to refresh most of the bike with some new parts, chain etc. There was a endurance race held on saturday, so everything else got jammed into sunday. I arrived at the track on saturday afternoon. I setup my pit and did a bit of work on the bike. Then I proceeded to put in a few heat cycles on a new top end and check to makes sure no water or oil leaks. I eventually noticed a water leak from the waterpump under high revs, then realized that the water pump seal was toast. So I ripped apart the waterpump and replaced the seal that night, then tested everything again and was good to go for tommorrow.

I tested out some new internal gearing combinations in the morning practices and found a setup which seemed to work not bad. During lunch however, I noticed one of the mounts for my ignition coil broke off. I was worried the ground on the coil wouldn't be making good contact anymore, so I had to do a few odd tricks with the help of Dylan's dad and hope it wouldn't give me any problems.

The Open Singles race was first up. I was leading the series with a 16 point lead over 2nd place Joan Herwick at this point. Unfortunately Joan had bike issues and was not able to start the race. With this in mind, I knew if I won today, I would wrap up the title for this class. I started off in the first row with Dylan and Jeff beside me, while the rest of the field behind us. Dylan got off to his usual great starts with myself right behind him. Jeff drafted by me entering turn 1. He would get by Dylan after turn 2 and I caught up and got behind Jeff after turn 4/5/6 section. Jeff's bike was amazingly fast today and I wouldn't be able to stick in his draft at all on Spokane's long front straight. I would close the gap that he makes while entering turn 2 pushing the front. I would stick behind Jeff for the first few laps, he was holding me up. I eventually get by him in the 2nd hairpin on the inside by around lap #5. I worked hard to put a gap on him in the next few corners so he wouldn't draft by me on the front straight. Luckly he didn't and I started to gap him and put a sizeable lead over him. Eventually taking the win and wrapping up the Open Singles title.

After that, I decided i'd lean the bike out a bit more and try and get a bit more pep off the corners and hopefully be able to hold onto Jeff in the 125gp race. This race started off exactly like the Open Singles race, except this time, Jeff was protecting the inside lines and forcing me to pass him on the outside. I would take the lead on him several times in the tight hairpins sections, the turn 4/5 twisty switchbacks and even on the outside of turn 10 leading onto the front straight, but he would always regain the lead by the end of the front straight entering turn 1 and would hold me up for most of the race. So I held off and was gonna make the move on him on the last lap. Some point around lap 6, I got around him in turn 6 but my bike bogged down and ignition cut out for a few split seconds, allowing Jeff and Dylan (thats right, he was right behind us the entire time) to get by me and put a sizeable gap on me. So I picked up my pace and go by Dylan on the next lap, and caught right back up to Jeff again. On the last lap, Jeff was still taking the inside lines to prevent me from going up on the inside like I did to him eariler. At one point in turn6, I was gonna go for it, but I was gonna hit him if I didn't back off. Doing so bogged me down and he got a small gap on me, and at the same time Dylan came by me. I knew I had to finish in front of Dylan no matter what if I wanted to keep my chances alive for the 125gp title. So I got by him in turn 9 on the inside and made a mad dash for Jeff, got right up to his rear wheel but was not enough space to beat him out to the finish line. I took 2nd, which I was happy with, but 1st would have been nice.

I finished off the day riding my 125 in the 250gp race to collect overall season club points. I took 5th in this race, taking it easy. I was tired, and was testing out some new things with the bike.

After this weekend, I wrapped up the Open Singles Title, still in 2nd overall in 125gp with 1 more round left (13points behind Dylan), and i'm pretty much a shoe-in for 3rd overall for 250gp in the season.

As well, I took the #5 plate spot in the club, now I just need to keep on winning and building up the points, if all goes as planned, i'll hold onto this spot and get myself the reserved top 5 plate. We'll see....


AUGUST 12-13 2006: WMRRA (Pacific Raceways)

Round #6 and the season is swinging into the last half. These next few rounds will make or break a championship bid. News of Jeff Webber coming back from a broken thumb injury and everybody stepping up to there A game is gonna make this a tough weekend. Practice in the morning went well on saturday.

I was able to get myself into the groove right away and throw down some quick 1:39 laps with ease. The bike seemed to pull really well today and didn't have to change much with it. Soften up the front end a bit to get some more grip. Also new for today, I have a onboard video camera mounted on the swingarm of my bike for the race. Currently i'm leading the Open Singles championship so I started off the race on the front row of the grid. Dylan Olsen gets the holeshot off the start with me following next behind him, while the rest of the grid follows behind.

I gun it hard entering turn 2 and I try to close the gap between Dylan and I as soon as possible. Coming up to the downhill hairpin of turn 3, I dive in hard on the inside to take the lead away from him, while forcing him to go a little wide at the same time.

I hold a tight line through the 2nd hairpin of turn 4. Then I lay down the hammer and start putting some sizeable distance between everybody behind me through turn 5/6/7 and 8 by turning in some 1:38's early on and then just coasted doing 1.39's for the rest of the race to take a solid win. You can view the entire video below. It has been split into 3 parts.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Afterwards, Dylan's Dad ask me to test out one of his 2002 JHA 6stud akit cylinder in practice tommorrow to see what I think about it. So i spent the rest of the afternoon putting the stuff on with there help. Interesting parts, can see quite the difference in the size of the VHM 6bolt heads to the standard 5 ones.

Saturday night I ended up sleeping in the back of my van at the track next to the backup bike and toolbox while freezing my ass off due to hotel room problems. It was very uncomfortable as I had no blankets or pillows, it got really cold and I didn't get very much sleep at all.

Sunday morning warmup practice was interesting. The JHA stuff seemed to work well for top end, but was weak in the midrange. I was expecting more from it but still seemed to work good. I also got to try out a old 1988 TZ250 GP bike, which was a total blast to ride, this thing is almost as old as me and it still hauls pretty good.

Now onto the 125gp race. This was by far the most competitive race to date this year. I made a few changes to my engine setup. Went back to my trusty stock cylinder but went with a 9.8cc head insert, and changed my pipes up. Big mistake, it cost me alot on my top end, and to make matters worse, the ambient temperature rose drastically quickly and my bike was running too rich. Right off the start, Dylan again gets the holeshot and i'm close behind him. Except this time, his bike is hauling. He would pull some sizeable gaps on me during the straight sections. I would try to stick to his draft but he was motoring away from me. To make matters worse, Jeff Webber is right on my ass, and Joan Herwick is there as well. The 4 of us were turning in some quick 1:38's while dicing it up. For the first 5 laps it was Dylan leading with me close behind. He would walk away on the front straight, I would stick to his draft to try and get him to pull me as much as possible. I would close the gap back up in turn2 and would pull along side of him on the exit of 2 and drag race him down the hill to the turn3 hairpin. But he was protecting the inside line and we would have braking duels. Eventually I made a move on him in turn 6 in the switchbacks but I shot a bit wide and had to take a tight line in turn 7 going up the hill to 8. Again we would drag race up the hill and he would motor past me as I hung onto his rear tire. We were doing this for the first half of the race. I was trying hard to get in front and hold it and try and put a gap between him.

Meanwhile behind us was Jeff and Joan right on my tail. Jeff did a big double draft pass on both me and Dylan on lap 6 on the front straight. He just blew by me like he had a 250gp motor in his bike. Jeff then had the lead, with Dylan in 2nd and myself in 3rd. Joan was right behind in 4th hanging on. Dylan and Jeff started to put a small gap on me. I started to work my entry into turn 2 much later and push the front to carry as much speed as I could to catch back up. I would eventually look down and saw a 1:37 lap on my timer. All 4 of us were moving pretty good. Jeff would hold the lead with Dylan right on his tail, myself right on Dylan and Joan right behind me. I didn't like having Joan so close to us, so I started to pick up the pace in turn5 and would leap the bike over the bump on the apex, and at times, would cut up into the inside of Dylan in 6. With Jeff still leading, I started to think strategy. I decided it would be best to hang on behind Jeff or at most, Dylan.

With the race 3/4 over, I played it smart and didn't make any mistakes, waiting to see where would be a good place to make my move to get around both of these guys on the last lap, while at the same time, holding off Joan behind me. Eventually the white flag came out to signal the last lap. I knew while entering turn 2 that this was gonna be it, do or die, gonna have to dig down real deep inside myself and find a way. I hung on real tight to Dylan's back wheel coming out of exit of turn2, just inches away from him. The original plan was to make my move on Dylan in turn5 and shoot past him and stuff him in turn6, while at same time, hoping I could hold the tight line I force myself into and carry the speed enough to get around Jeff going up the hill in turn 7. Things didn't quite plan out that way. I got by Dylan as planned in 5/6, but I came in really hot out of 6 and came real close to clipping Jeff's rear wheel. I shot wide going up turn 7, Jeff was still ahead, and Dylan using his strong motor pulled up along side of me on the outside as we fly into turn 8. This point I kept it pinned and hoped the tires stick as I flew through the inside of turn 8 and got away from Dylan. Still pinned, I notice a small gap opening in turn9 on the inside of Jeff. I knew this was it or I wasn't gonna win. So I dive in real deep on the inside and stuffed Jeff. Forcing him wide while I take over the lead. Then I hold a tight line in the bus stop and the mad dash to the finish line was on. I tucked myself in as much as possible and was hoping I wouldn't get draft passed. Luckly I held on and took the exciting win by a few tenths of a second. It was a close one, a bit too close to how I like it, but a really gratifying victory. In the end, my last passing attempt on Jeff caught him off guard and he misshifted his bike and bogged down which allowed Dylan to take over 2nd and Joan for 3rd while Jeff ended up in a real close 4th behind us.


JULY 8-9 2006: WMRRA (Spokane Raceway)

So here we go, Spokane, round #5, double points round. Normally it would have taken me just over 7 hours to drive there in my van, but I managed to do it in 5 1/2. I arrived at the track at around 7:30pm friday night and put my pit together. Did some work on the bikes, and put a few heat cycles into my A bike motor that I rebuilt a few days before. Then I went back to the hotel and got some sleep.

Saturday started off with a few practice sessions in the morning/afternoon and would end with the Open Singles race at the end of the day. It was blazing hot outside, 30+ degrees celsius, high elevation and very dry. I went to work quick and didn't waste anytime getting my bike setup for the track, since I haven't been here in 2 years and my first time here on a 125cc machine. Eventually found a decent setup and was ready for the Open Singles race.

The regular crew of competitors were here again. I was determined to walk away and repeat what I did last month in seattle. I missed the warmup lap, so I didn't get a chance to put any heat into my tires right away, as I just rolled straight to the starting grid, oops.... In typical fashion I got a average start off the line. Managed to get by most people as we dragged race down to turn 1. Then I would get around the last 2 riders on the outside and exit of turn 2 to take the lead. By then Rose Whitley was right behind me for the first lap. After that I just walked away from her and the rest of the field to take a very easy win again and pulled off a few 1.42's, a good 1 sec per lap faster than the 2nd place finisher.

Next up on sunday was the 125gp race. This time I was determined to wax the entire field even more than yesterdays Open Single race. Started off with a poor start but managed to get by a few people heading into turn 1. Michael Jerger pulled into 2nd entering turn 2 with me right behind him. I just went around him on the outside and moved myself up into 2nd right behind Dylan Olsen who was leading. Following Dylan under the brakes in Turn 4, Jerger pulls up in the inside of me but he had nowhere to go and had to back off and I cut it in and shoot to the outside of Turn4 aiming for the inside of turn 5, passing Dylan in the process and taking the lead. After that I put down some 1:41's and beat my personal records from yesterday. After 2 laps, the rest of the field behind me was nowhere in sight. I decided to keep on pushing harder and harder. After the halfway mark, I almost lose it in turn10 heading onto the long front straight. I was hauling through the corner and the rear tire steps out and down I was going. In fact, I fell off the bike, was on the pavement holding onto the handlebars and maintaining the throttle, bike was leaned on top of me and I somehow managed to push the bike back up onto the tires with both my knees on the ground then I hauled myself back onto the bike in a 120kph corner. Would have been embarrassing to throw away the race. Anyhow, would take the win and gain much needed points towards the championship. After that I finished off the day in 250gp to gather some more points towards the overall club standings.

Next up, i'm heading down to Portland next weekend on the 14th.


JUNE 10-11 2006: WMRRA (Pacific Raceways)
125GP: DNF out of 1st

Fresh off the heels of the USGPRU National and OMRRA regional 3 weeks prior. Your probably wondering why no USGPRU and OMRRA detailed report of events? Well lets just say, the OMRRA regional I was DQ'd for something dumb which I didn't agree at all with. The GPRU national went not bad, turned in a respectable 7th, though I feel I could have done at least 5th with the current tune/speed that my bike is capable of.

Anyhow, onto the WMRRA report. The weather on saturday was dry, warm but overcast grey skies.

Went into practices in the morning and pulled off some quick 1.39 times. The first race of the weekend for me was Open Singles that day. The usual 125gp crew showed up as usual, and after checking my practice times, I was pretty confident going into this race. Last year's champ, Jeff Webber is out from breaking his hand at the USGPRU national 2 weeks prior in portland, he came by and gave me some pointers and tips. How it played out was, off the start, Dylan and Rose get a quick start and I follow them into turn 2 with last years 125gp champ Joan following close behind me. I pass Rose on the exit of turn 2 on the outside and start closing in on Dylan. I eventually catch up to him on the 2nd lap in the turn 5/6/7 section and pass him going up the hill on turn 7. Dylan draft passes me on the front straight not too long after but going into turn 2, he held a tight inside line, I swept around and just motored around him on the outside while hitting the nasty pothole section on the exit.

After that I kept on pulling away and pulled a sizeable gap between us. Sometime around mid-way thru the race, a SV650 spilled it's guts all over in the bustop, which made things a bit hairy. I ended up going through the oil and running off into the dirt/grass on the exit of the bus stop, but managed to regain control and get back on the track and finish the last few laps to take the win. Things went surprisingly well, the bike was weak on the top end as usual, but the few changes I did since the last time I was here were helping. My best time was a 1.38, still 2 more seconds to go to reach my 1.36 goal.

Next up on sunday was the 250gp and 125gp races. The weather on sunday was hot, warm and sunny. Definatly not horsepower weather, and it sure felt like that. I started off in the morning practice trying out a few different needle combinations but that didn't go so well. I just eventually went back to the settings I was using th previous day and went from there. In the 250gp race, I knew i was outclassed by the bigger machinery, but I was hoping I could get them to pull me into quicker lap times. Unfortnuatly that was not the case. The bike just didn't have the same pep as it did on saturday and I could only muster 1:39's and pulled in a 5th behind the 250s. The 125 race would start 15mins after the 250 race so I had to act quick and mix some more fuel up then get right back out again. I was determined to get into the 1:37's this race but it wasn't meant to be. The bike just wasn't working as good. My electronic quick shifter was cutting out in 5th and 6th gears on the front straight so I had to shift normally during those parts. I started off the race on the front row and got the holeshot. I pulled off some quick laps right away and to my surprise, I looked behind me after 2 laps and saw nobody behind me. I had a pretty large lead in the 125gp race. Unfortunately, my race ended about midway through. I was passing several sv650 superbikes in the lightweight superbike wave which started ahead of us, one of the sv650's for some unknown reason stands his bike up vertical and smashes into my tail section while I was leaned over going around him on the outside of turn 3. I dont know what he was thinking, and I was pretty angry at him, it was a in-experienced/bonehead mistake/maneuver that he pulled. Wasn't much I could do, he took my rear end out and spun the bike around including myself.

Oh well, got to bring home some hardware to add to the collection which is always nice.


MAY 27-28 2006: WMRRA (Spokane Raceway Park)

Event has been cancelled due to Spokane Raceway is under receivership.

MAY 6-7 2006: WMRRA (Pacific Raceways)

Well.... Things are starting to shape up. Did some tweaks to the bikes and fixed some geometry issues. The forecast called for rain on both days this weekend. However on saturday during the Open Singles race, it stayed cloudy and dry. I spent some time during the morning practice sessions playing around with various gearing combinations, I found one that I generally liked but still can't pull 6th gear. I ended up not even using 6th, just stayed in 5th and over revved the bike. Another decent turn out for the Open Singles race. I started off the race with a not bad start. Got in behind Dylan Olsen and fought with him for 3rd place the entire race. Got around him early on and was trying to break away but he upped his pace and overtook me soon after. I stayed with him and made sure I was close enough to draft him on the straight away so he wouldn't get away, as his bike had more pull in the top gears than me. I pretty muched stalked him for a few laps and a few times showed my front wheel on the outside of turn 7 going up the hill into the fast turn 8 at the top but decided i'd make my move on the final lap. The white flag came out to signify the final lap and I made my move and got around him on the outside of turn 7 and held on for the last few corners and the straight away to take 3rd. I ended up pulling a few 1.39 lap times this race, but there's still a good 3 seconds more I can get out of this bike I can feel. My front forks were bottoming out under braking and pushing the front bad in all the corners, something I need to get fixed as adding additional preload and compression damping didn't help at all.

On sunday, it was raining all day pretty much, with the odd sun breaks in the afternoon for a few mins until the end of the day which the sun fully came out. I went out on rains in the morning practice and pulled off some 1.42's in the wet. The 250gp race was before lunch and I used that for some extra practice time. It stopped raining before we went out to grid up and a dry line had formed up. In fact, 90% of the track was completely dry and the sunshine was out. A few guys were on slicks, I was on rains with a rain setup on the bike. I took 5th in this race, and was again battling with Dylan who was on his Yamaha TZ250 running slicks. It was pretty much a carbon copy of the open singles race from yesterday except this time after making my move on him on turn 7, my cooked burnt out rain tires sliding around as I get on the throttle hard sliding around him on the outside and trying my best to hang on in front when we get to the straight away. But alas, 250gp horse power prevailed and he passed me just before the kink at the finish line.

During the 125gp race near the end of the day. It had been raining all afternoon, until 2mins before we get called out. I was thinking of going out on slicks, but noticed the track was still fully wet, so I ran back to the pits and jumped on the bike with rains and went out. By this time I knew I made a big mistake when I went out for the warmup lap as the track had completely dried within minutes. I was hoping it would start raining again mid-race but blue sky was everywhere, and yet again, had to do this race on already pre-cooked burnt out rain tires again. I got off to a poor start, got stuck behind a few mid-packers going into turn 2, eventually get behind Dylan who is running in second and just went around him on the outside in turn 2 by the second lap.

After that, I just held onto 2nd the entire race and walked away from everybody that was behind me. I could see Jeff Webber running in 1st just a little bit in front of me but I wasn't going to catch him on these rain tires in the dry today. Soft, mushy and slippery is how they felt, shredded to bits and pieces by the end of the day.

On that note, now I know why on sunday the rain bike felt like garbage and slow compared to sunday's dry bike. Destroyed a cylinder and piston, came real close to seizing the bike.

Anyhow, almost got all the kinks worked out on my bike. A few more key things to take care off with the front forks and some internal gearing in the tranny. Next up is the USGPRU National in Portland in less than 2 weeks, then off to spokane a few days later for WMRRA ROUND #3.... Oh my....


APRIL 1-2 2006: WMRRA (Pacific Raceways)

It was a terrible start of the season. New bike, new season, trick parts, all unfamilar to me. First I destroyed my radiator during practice on friday, so I had to pull a spare one off the backup bike. The front wheel was rubbing on the radiator under braking, so I had to knock the forks down the triples a bit to solve the problem and fix the radiator mounting tabs so it wouldn't happen again. Had lots of setup problems with the bike, it was drifting wide and wouldn't hold a line. Going to have to fiddle with my ride height but I didn't have enough time to mess due to several reasons which I state below at the end. I was also running a tall 6th gear ratio in my tranny which the bike had trouble pulling at the end of the front straight, so I was using shorter gearing than what John recommended me to use to compensate. Due to the shorter gearing, I had to run a shorter wheelbase and I had problems of my rear wheel hitting the lower fairing all weekend. I'm going to have to do some cutting before I ride again.

My needle in the carb was running way to lean and I had a terrible on/off throttle hesitation at half/partial throttle while in corners, I couldnt get the problem solved in time for the 125gp race on sunday morning. I guess it didn't help that I had unleaded needles and was using leaded fuel, I must have misplaced them somewhere cause I still can't find my leaded ones. Oh ya, to add to my troubles, my generator wouldn't fire up all weekend, so I couldn't use my tirewarmers all weekend and was stuck with cold tires on the 1st lap of each race. After further inspection, I noticed my slide has not been drilled either, which will cause the bike to not run very good when you use a airbox system.

We had decent grid sizes for the 125gp/250gp/Open Single races, upwards of 14 or so bikes if I recall. I had all the problems described above, I started off in the back row, but managed to get a good start and get myself up into the lead or 2nd when entering turn 2. Then things would slowly fall apart as I was struggling trying to get some good corner speed and maintain it with the poorly setup bike. Quite fustrated with this new bike, to me it was a pile of junk. I missed my bike from last year.

I guess i'm to blame for the poor showing, my first time at this track so it was all new to me, and I was quite overwhelmed with trying to get 2 bikes setup for the weekend when I should have concentrated on getting my A bike sorted out and setup properly so I wouldn't suffer any problems. It would have been nice to have John Bowman here to help out but he couldn't make the trip due to work. A lesson learned I suppose, one that I hope to never repeat again.

I ran into some more problems this weekend as well but I dont get into the details. All I know is I have alot of work ahead of me to get this bike sorted for the WMRC opening rounds on the 16th and 17th this month. Then I return back to Seattle in May 6/7th, and this time I'll make sure i'm prepared properly.