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Broken Clavicle Recovery

September 13. 2005, 3 days after crashing, I was in rough shape. Had trouble walking due to pulling my groin as well. Lots of swelling in the shoulder. Had trouble talking as I took damage to the muscles in the side of the neck and lower face around the jaw and cheek.

September 16. 2005, leg was getting better and walking with a limp. Could finally talk much better as the face muscles were healing good. Most of swelling in the shoulder went down but still couldn't do much, I would just lay down reclined on the couch all day long. Standing up would hurt the shoulder and start burning up after a few minutes of gravity pulling on it. Sleeping was next to impossible.

September 23. 2005, the day before my bday. Still stuck in sling, bone still hasn't fused but could tell each day it was slowly getting better. Still lots of bruising on my chest and arm, just cant see in the bad lighting. Was walking normal by then but shoulder would get sore and burn up quick from standing up.

September 27. 2005, good pic of the bruising running down under the arm. Was pretty gross. Still stuck in the sling, hated that thing. Saw a orthopedic doctor that day and he told me still 4-6 weeks until I should even attempt to ride. Told me not to for oct 16th after I told him my intentions. Got a x-ray, forgot to ask him to email it so I drew it out. He told me to stay in the immoblizer sling but I finally started taking it off at times so I can try and work some movement back into the arm as time was running out. I had to hold the arm with my good arm as it didn't have the strength to move itself without dropping down and hurting. I was givin the option of surgery, but said no due to weighing the options.

October 3. 2005, Not much has changed except more and more movement slowly coming back. Was possible for the arm to move on it's own but veeerrrryyy slowly. Range of motion was prolly around 15% by then. At most could only hold a cup of water. I attempted to sit on the bike this day, lots of pain putting weight on the arm and pushing. Started to do exercise again by this week to get the rest of my body ready (minus the bad arm of course) for the 16th.

October 8. 2005, Lots of bruising still around. Range of motion at around 40%. I was taking alot of calcium, multi-vitamin and potassium pills since september 10th to help with healing. Still doing the exercising, and was able to sit on the bike without much pain. However hanging off was another story. I tried attempting my first pushup but fell flat on my face. Too much pain and too weak. Still sleeping in reclined position as shoulder burns up real fast if I do too much work.

October 16. 2005, race day. Was tricky to get into the leathers and used lots of duc tape to hold it open and to keep it from rubbing on the bone/skin. Have around 80% range of motion, but around 25% strength in the shoulder. The Skin took a beating from a sharp point of the bone trying to push through the skin. Started experiencing a bit of tingly numbness in the tips of my fingers on my bad shoulder side.

October 19. 2005, Redness gone from the pointy part. Time to rest and relax for 3 weeks and finish off the healing.

October 23. 2005, The point is gone and bone has healed really good and now I have full movement back in my arm and shoulder, tingling in finger tips has gone away mostly.

November 12. 2005, I lost alot of muscle mass in my left bicep. At this point, I can only curl a 4 liter milk jug once (anything more than 5 pounds, forget about it). The bicep is like mush, and can't flex very well. 3 of my finger tips on the bad arm have slight numbness/tingling feeling in them which has seemed to pick up within the past 10 days. All the bruising has finally gone away.

December 10. 2005, The numbness has gone away and i've recovered much of my muscle mass back in my left arm. I'm feeling good now and eagerly awaiting next season.